Mohammed Abu Musa Siddiqui
     Managing Director & CEO (cc)
   NRB Global Life Insurance Company Limited
Academic Qualification :
Have Pass the M.Com. In Subject of Management and got place of the position in second Class from University of Chittagong in 1985.
Professional Training :
Have Completed the several Training Programmed from home & abroad in the areas of Life Insurance field and Adminitration
in both sides.
(a) Actuarial Training from Japan.
(b) Marketing Mangement Training from Thailand.
(c) Re-Insurance traaining by score Global LIfe SE from Singapore.
(d) Communication and Marketing training from Rapport Bangladesh Ltd.
(e) Islamic Insurance (Takaful ) Training from Bangladesh BIMA Academy.
Working Experience of Life Insurance field Marketing (1985-1991) :
Started life Insurance career as a field agant with National Life Insurance Co. Ltd. From the inception of the Company in the date 09.12.1985 and became Zomal Manager of the Company on the date of June, 1991.
10 Years Experience of Development Administration (1992-2002) :-
Jumped and joined of Sandhani Life Insurance Co. Ltd. as a Vice President (Development Administration) of greater Chittagong Division in the date of  22.11.1992 and became Sr. Executive Vice President of the Company at 2002.
10 Years Experience of LIfe Insurance as Executive role (2003-2014) :-
Executive Director of Sandhani Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (2003-2007).
Senior Executive Director of Sandhani Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (2008-2009).
Deputy Manging Director Sandhani Life Insurance Co. Ltd. (2009-2010).
Deputy Managing Director of Head Office Islamic Insurance Bangladesh Ltd-2011.
Consultant (BP) Prime Islamic Life Insurance Co. Ltd -2012.
Former Managing Director (cc) Baira Life Insurance Co. Ltd.-2013.
Former Founder Managing Director (cc) Chartered Life Insurance Co.Ltd-2014.
Former Managing Director (cc) NRB Global Life Insurance Co. Ltd-2015.
Current Managing Director & CEO (cc) NRB Global Life Insurance Co. Ltd From 2018 till today.

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