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Single Premium Insurance Plan - without profits

The main aim of this plan is to ensure the financial security of the family members of the policy holders. As the policy holder has to pay a single premium this plan is very suitable and reliable for businessmen and non-residential Bangladeshis. The term time under this plan is normally 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15 years.

Survival Benefit:

If the policy holder survives till the end of the term he/she will receive two times of the basic sum assured on maturity of the policy.

Death Benefit:

The nominee of the policy holder will receive two times of the basic sum assured on death of the policy holder before maturity of the policy.

# The insurance premium paid by the policy holder as well as any claims paid to the policy holder are exempted from any income taxes.

# The policy holder will only have to pay a premium once while taking the policy. And as a result, the policy holder will be relieved from paying any further premiums on a regular basis. This plan can also be a good source of fund for higher education and/or marriage of the policy holder's children.

# The underwriting requirements will depend on Risk Amount (which is two times the sum assured).

# The minimum sum assured can be Tk. 20,000/- (Taka Twenty Thousand) and the maximum sum assured can be Tk. 50,00,000/- (Taka fifty Lacs).

# No other benefits can be taken under this plan.



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