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Ordinary Endowment Insurance Plan (with profit)
 The policy holder will receive the full sum assured together with accrued bonuses on maturity at the end of the term. The policy holder will receive the full sum assured on death within the term of the policy together with bonuses accrued up to the date of his/her death.
 Endowment Insurance Plan is a popular product as it ensures financial stability and security of the policy holder. The product is able to fulfill various financial needs of a person when he/she retires or for children's education or for providing start-up capital for a business. Endowment Insurance Plan can have a term time between 10 to 50 years. But, under no circumstances, the policy holder's age can exceed 70 years when his/her term time expires. The premium paid for the plan is tax exempt. If the Medical Examinations reports are standard the maximum age at entry would be 55 years and if they are sub-standard the maximum age at entry would be 50 years. The maximum age of the policy holder cannot exceed 70 years at the expiry of the term, however for sub-standard policy holders maximum age should not be more than 65 years.

N.B: Term wise specific premium rates are attached. Half yearly and quarterly premium rates may be obtained by multiplying the annual premium rates by 0.525 and 0.275 respectively. (No rebate is allowed)


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