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Assurance Cum Pension Plan - without profits

Every person has to accept the hardships of life. However, everyone wants a transparent, beautiful and healthy life without any shortcomings. Then again, everyone wants day-to-day financial security, self reliance and regular income from their pension plan. For your transparent, anxiety free and peaceful future you can accept a pension between the ages 55 to 60 years under this plan. The benefits of the plan are as follows:

  • In case of death before the maturity of the policy the nominee of the policy holder will receive ten times the amount of annual pension.
  • On survival to the end of maturity the policy holder will receive annual pension stated in the policy schedule for a guaranteed period of ten years and as long as he or she is alive thereafter.
  •  Additional Accident Benefit can be taken on top of this plan; however it will only be applicable up to the time before the pension starts.
  • The pension rate for this plan is comparatively low, the risk covered is more and the profit is also more. And, this is why the demand for this policy is growing day by day.

N.B: Term wise specific premium rates are attached. Half yearly and quarterly premium rates may be obtained by multiplying the annual premium rates by 0.525 and 0.275 respectively. (No rebate is allowed)



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